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Why has this book taken so long? Just how big is it?

It's not the size - it is a lot of things that happened along the way.
Aside from the personal events that shut things down for many months
and the distraction of running the horror website -
I began to dislike many of the parts I had written concerning Purgatory.
Not once - but 4 times .....
I have basically re-written 4 times - still holding on to parts I really liked and
trying to make them work with the new direction.

It hasn't been easy ....



Thanks for your patience ....


Volume Two: Escape From Purgatory

Volume Three: The Quest For Eden


The TFDOP Story

The Apocalypse has begun! Evil is making their move to kill
the new Messiah and the forces of good have each went on
their own missions that will ultimately bring them together for the
final battle of good and evil!

This is a multi-faceted story that takes place in multiple dimensions;
there are multiple heros and multiple villains; all with their own
part of the story. Serial killer, angels, demons, heroes, Satan, zombies, and
witches help to make up the epic cast of characters!

The finished book will be presented in multiple formats.








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